Nagel Soap.... It Works!

Are you frustrated by commercial bar soaps that seem to dry out your skin just as much as they clean? Do you work hard and wash your hands several times a day, only to find them cracking and in pain? Don't you wish there was a product you could use that was more nurturing to your skin? One that massaged and caressed your hands and made them feel luxuriously moisturized after washing up? And, over the long haul, truly nourished your skin, enabling it to feel supple and healthful?
In her work as a massage therapist, Laura noticed how dry many of her clients' hands were, especially those whose occupations had them washing or sanitizing their hands often. Being an experienced soap maker of her family's own shower soaps, she was inspired to formulate a hand soap that could be used in helping those who work in industrial, mechanical, agricultural, and medical fields, who work hard with their hands and have to wash often throughout the day.  
In commercial soap production, the naturally produced by-product of glycerin is removed so it can be sold separately, instead of leaving it in the soap to condition your skin. Hand sanitizers are usually formulated with a lot of alcohol; its evaporative nature often is drying to the skin. While it may be unavoidable during the work day to use these products, why not pamper your hands at least while you're in the comfort of your own home? And if you have the ability to use your own choice of soap in the shop, why not use one that doesn't damage your skin? 
After many hours of research and experimentation, we have developed Nagel Soap Works' inaugural product, a bar hand soap which cleans very well, feels wonderful, nourishes & moisturizes, and leaves your hands feeling well cared for. We are committed to using only the finest, most simplest of ingredients, with names you can pronounce, which you could (at least theoretically) find in your own kitchen, cultivate in your own garden, dig up in your yard, or harvest from your own animals. In other words, as down-home-y as possible. Our family-run business pours our love and dedication into all aspects of making and delivering this hand soap to you, thinking of all the good it will do for you and your hands, enabling you to better love and caress your own loved ones. 


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