Fun Family Portraits

We had Katelyn Wilson out again to take portraits of our family. She does awesome work capturing interactive family moments and perfect poses.

I recently read a book called Family and Civilization by Carle C Zimmerman, published by ISI Books. Absolutely an eye opener for me. It has filled in for me all of the background of Western Civilization, what was going on behind the scenes of all those famous events and people we learn about in regular history textbooks, and what the times really looked like for the common folk.

This is a must-read for high school & college students and adults alike. I have dubbed it Sociology 101 for my homeschooling children, a high school course they will have once they've gotten a good handle on the basic outline of history. Anyone interested in maintaining the ideals of liberty we have in these United States of America owes it to their fellow citizens to read and understand this book!

Through this book I have come to realize even more fully the major importance of family. Not only in having & raising children, but in keeping the bonds and connections strong between extended family members. I have certainly always wanted a large family, but sometimes it can be a struggle. This book has inspired me to believe that I am right where I am meant to be.

                                     Family and Civilization


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