The Nagels have Compassion....Or Compassion Has Us!

Goats provide nutritious milk and income-generation 
At Christmas time I sent out a letter to family and friends, you know the kind, an update on each child, etc. But I also included a thought about helping those in poverty by sponsoring some children through Compassion International. I want you to know that I have followed through with that New Year's Resolution of mine--something I've never taken the time to do for the past 25 years but now I have and the blessings are wonderful! With a $10 birthday gift, our sponsored child in Africa was able to buy a bicycle, outfits, shoes, and books!!!  She has written back two personal letters now, and has shared a photo of herself, her mother, and her new bicycle! Our Aristide is very actively engaging in Compassion's program and I am so happy to be the human connection to help it all be personal for her. I love all the opportunities Compassion gives us to be a part of helping others.

With that as an intro, and realizing from the stats that my pages are actually getting looked at (thank you) .... I would like to become a more active blogger about the issues that matter to myself and my family. So in connection with our Farming for The Kids philosophy, we are giving you a direct connection to a Compassion International fundraiser for getting families in poverty set up with goats as a source of food and income. Goats are friendly and outgoing, reproduce bounteously, milk well, and are easy for children to help care for, all making them an ideal way for a family to help themselves and their neighbors. Donating through this campaign is only a one-time commitment, of any size, toward the goat program. The link to the ACT for Compassion site for this fundraiser is:

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Our children learn to care for the goats and to have work ethic by farming. We do it for the kids: our children and those cute baby goats! 


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