Hunting Dinosaurs!

I see one on the edge of the forest!
Our rugged little farm boy has a super imaginative mind. With watching all the Jurassic Park movies he has become an avid dinosaur hunter, complete with his own homemade gun, glued together by himself in Dad's workshop out of found pieces of scrap.

We enjoyed one last ride around on the hay wagon after we got our third crop of hay put up for the winter feeding of our goat herd. Sort of a dull fall around here color-wise, but a few bright beauties still lit up the countryside to make for visual delight on this sunny October day.

An excerpt from Walt Whitman' poetry:

Ever upon this stage is acted God's calm, annual drama
Gorgeous processions, songs of birds
Sunrise, that fullest feeds and freshens most the soul
The heaving sea, the waves upon the shore, the musical, strong waves
The woods, the stalwart trees, the slender, tapering trees
The scenery of the snows, the winds' free orchestra
The stretching, light-hung roof of clouds--the clear cerulean, and the bulging, silvery fringes
The high dilating stars, the placid, beckoning stars
The moving flocks and herds, the plains and emerald meadows
The shows of all the varied lands, and all the growths and products.


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