Maple & Valorah eating maple leaves

Leaves were blown out of the front yard trees during the high winds of our heavy thunderstorms this summer, so we'd pick them up and feed them to our appreciative goats!

The winter here was one of phenomenal amounts of snow, followed by huge torrential rains all spring, and a few rough storms with tornadoes produced in the area mid-summer. We watched out the basement window as the wind destroyed our newly-erected hoop building used for housing our haying equipment. It felt like summer never fully arrived after the long, cold, wet spring. Summer temperatures never rose much above 80 degrees (we usually have lots of mid 80s & a week or two of 90 plus weather), August was very cool, and now we have more heavy rains for the fall. Hay prices are high, as the farmers have had a hard time getting into such wet fields to harvest. Grain prices will probably be high through this winter season as well since much of the grain crops weren't even able to be planted or grow properly. We are still hoping to get a third cutting on our hay field so we can get through without purchasing hay, but we will least our garden yielded quite well!!!!


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