Goats Available


We founded our herd of Toggenburgs on two lines of winning show goats in order to enjoy working with and being around beautiful animals. We bring outside genetics into our herd with artificial insemination, thereby maintaining the good conformation while selecting based on milk production and ease of keep. We manage our herd as naturally as possible, using conventional methods as a last resort. Our prices reflect the fact that we do not show our herd at this time, therefore we are not passing those costs on to you. We believe in a hardy goat that is resistant to parasites, milks a respectable amount for home use, and reproduces with twins every year.

Registered through ADGA
Dam raised & weaned, very tame from being handled much
Dehorned, non-vaccinated kids, born generally in the month of April

$225 each for young registered breeding stock, available June through September
$100 each for wethers (castrated males -- nice as pets) available June through October or November
Mature breeding stock available, price varies

We are located in East Central Wisconsin. Please use contact form at left to inquire. Thank you!